Our SliQ Approach

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Continuous Integration is backed by several important principles and practices. At SliQ IT, we train our developers such methods as to:

  • Maintain a single source repository
  • Automate the build
  • Make your build self-testing
  • Every commit should build on an integration machine
  • Keep the build fast
  • Test in a clone of the production environment
  • Check in frequently
  • Don’t check in broken code
  • Don’t check in untested code
  • Don’t check in when the build is broken
  • Don’t go home after checking in until the system builds

IT Processes Consulting

We endeavor to partner with Clients in their internal process improvement initiatives.

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Quality Process Consulting helps the organization in developing a Quality management framework that can cover SDLC, IT Project Management, Information Security/BCM, Vendor Management, IT Controls, IT Service Management and related IT processes.

Business Intelligence

See relevant patterns, trends and relationships within huge volumes of data, providing clarity when making decisions.

Revolutionizing raw data

Distilling raw data into useful information is the genius of business intelligence. There are a variety of software tools involved but business intelligence is not a project. You don’t install BI the way you do VoIP. It’s more of an approach used to drive lower-level and tactical decisions and view more predictive analytics.

Highend Programming

Our senior development team delivers web/portal software using Java, MS .Net (C#) in MS Visual Studio, SQL Server and much more.

Delivering Continuous Speed And Intelligence

SliQ IT developers are multi skilled professionals, practicing Agile/SCRUM methodologies. They have experience building robust frameworks for authoring and delivering declarative web-based, mobile enabled applications and derive joy from delivering their work to customers.

Mobile Development

Lead Mobile Developers, at SliQ IT, have a solid understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP)

Chrome OS, Android 5 and IOS DevOps

Our Mobile Development team works independently to deliver high-quality code in a timely manner, across a variety of project engagements. They are responsible for code reviews, standards and best practices enforcement.

SliQ IT’s Services & Departments

SLiQ IT understands the big picture of the IT department, its responsibilities and functions. Our consultants build and manage solutions that create operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and business continuance. We help our customers in the delivery and management of network-based services and applications.

Each department at SliQ IT is linked by the following mission: “Continuous Integration and Customer Care.”. Our entire development departments specialize in various technologies.

Financial Services
Not-for-profit & Gov’t
Life Sciences & Healthcare

Media & Entertainment
Private Equity
Real Estate
Technology Services
Venture Capital